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How Apple's iOS 15 Privacy Feature will Fudge Up Your Email Open Rate Data & Why You Should Care

In this vast and ever-changing world of technology, gobs of email service providers (ESP) exist. The most common include Gmail, Outlook, Apple Mail, and Yahoo. And there are even some AOL users still out there. And come September 15, 2021, Apple will throw us all a curveball.

How Non-Marketers Can Write a Blog That Makes it Worth Your Time & Effort

There are many articles written about the value of blogs and how they help keep your website...

6 Quick Ways to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Everyone loves a good story. Especially when it's told by a good storyteller. Today, we have...

It's Not Just About the Right Bait, It's About Getting Them Onboard

After a vacation bust last year due to COVID, I had the pleasure of a "redo" this year and spent...

Website Visitors Behaving Badly? It's Your Own Flowing Fault

Do you have any idea who’s visiting your website?

If This is Your Idea of a Customer acquisition Strategy, You May Want to Reconsider

At Incite Creative, we know a little something about customer acquisition and growth. We turned...

Incite's Dina Wasmer Gets Personal with XPX Maryland

Incite Creative President & CMO, Dina Wasmer uses her three-minute sponsor spotlight to educate ...

Even if You Hate Social Media You Should Learn to Love LinkedIn

Facebook is for family photos and Twitter is for tantrums.

Now is the Time to Develop Your 2021 Marketing Plan

Don't wait for a New Year's resolution. Get your business on the right track now!

Those who jump...